2019 Objectives


I've already reviewed these with my coach but can't hurt to put them here also: 


Ohio, Indian, Michigan, Kentucky, and Florid Senior Games: 5k and 10k time trials, gold in 55-59 and ideally overall, and ideally a corude record or two if conditions allow

Ohio USAC 20 or 40k, depending on whats offered, gold in the 55-59

Cleves: try to break into the mid to 22 minutes; have been stuck around 22:40 or 27 mph...can do better

Blue Streak: same....try to get close to 22:00 flat

National Senior Games in Albuquerque: successfully defend my gold medals in the 5k and 10k; will be tough given the altitude but I'll be working on that issue 

USAC in Colorado Springs, 40k: not sure if I'll be attending but altitude could be an issue; top 15 would be the goal

lose 5lbs by spring (March 1)

master the rollers I bought: am much better; can ride 30 minutes next to a wall and only touch it a few times....just have to get the nerve to ride them with no support close by

don't get hurt! 


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