First Indoor Time Trial


The first JDRF Indoor Time Trial was held on November 13th in Dayton. It's a 10k computrainer course, the Morgul-Bismark I think. The course has no flat sections so there is plenty of opportunity to work on holding power both up and down hill.

I ended up riding faster than my first two efforts in November and December of 2010 but I was still about 15 seconds off my best from last February. Here are the stats:
time 14:54, average HR of 171 (94% of max, 106% of LT), max HR of 181 with tested max HR at 182, average cadence of 105, average speed of 24.95, average power of 383 watts, and wt/kg of 4.91. That was my highest watts for kilogram out the five times I've ridden this. My weight is down and power about steady. It is worth noting that my Powertap showed average power of 353. Seems like everyone's power is a higher on the computrainers.

This is a great way to get in a truly all-out effort in a competitive environemnt over the winter wonths. Even if you don't ride time trials this event can help you develop the type of power that would be beneficial in road races and crits (assuming you're training for this). If you don't normally train with power this is your opportunity to see where you stand on a 10k ride. It's also nice to have something on the calendar during the winter months if you're not doing 'cross. The next event is on December 11th. Go to for more information.

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