On the schedule yesterday and today are thirty 30 second efforts. These are split into three groups of 10 with about 5 minutes between and 30 seconds between each of the 30 second efforts. Yesterdays results by each group of 10 were average power of 568, 578 and 560 with highs of 610-620 in the second set and lows around 540. I used the loop at Ault Park by starting at the bottom of the circle heading clockwise and sprinting up the slight grade, turning around, coasting back to the bottom and assuming no traffic was coming I sprinted up to what the AP series uses for the finish. Didn't feel like I had any residual effects from Sundays Crankenstein tt. I have another round on these today after I teach spin and circuit classes. Its been nice to have some warm days to do these. It won't last forever so I'll take advantage of it. The first indoor tt is two weeks from Sunday. I've signed up for the 3:00 pm time slot for all four of them through the winter months.

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