15x1 Power Intervals, 3rd time this week


I can't say these are any more fun the third time in a week but I am getting acclimated to them. I rode an easy 30 miles with about 2000' of climbing yesterday after hiking 10 miles in the morning. Today I hiked a few miles in the morning with a backpack full of camera gear (see mu Facebook if you want to check out the photo's). I did the 15x1's after lunch. Within the 15 efforts I hit my best of the 45 efforts this week with a 525 or 6.8 watts/kg and also my lowest at 425 on the last effort. Average for all 15 was 481 or 6.24 wts/kg. have to admit that after the 12th effort today that I took double the time between. I was about to call it a day since my HR was coming down in the minute between. Usually I'll hit somewhere in the low 170's and then get back to the upper 130's or 140's but I was still hovering in the 160's after a minute. That is the idea once we get into them but I just couldn't start another one so I backed off. Might be that 45 of these in 4 days is a lot or might be that I didn't feed all day like I normally do. I was pretty much running on 5 or 6 power bars since 8 am. Not nearly enough. Still, the overall average power was pretty decent.

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