First Indoor TT


Outdoor time trials are hard enough but riding them inside, even just a 10k, is brutal. Its all about maximizing power without blowing up and being able to hold HR well into zone 5. In my heat at 3:00 pm we only had a total of three riders on the computrainers. One was a woman who was making her first attempt. I give her credit for sticking out and completing the course in 28+ minutes. Thats a long time to suffer. The other male rider is about 6 years older than I am and rides some great times. Just for fun the promotor pulled up my February ride (14:43; a personal best for me) and allowed that to be the 4th rider. For the first few minutes I was actually ahead of my record but I faded on the first climb and never caught up. I finished at 15:04, 30 seconds off my best and about 8 seconds off my first ride last fall. Overall ok but was hoping for something below 15 minutes. Power average was 353, well below the 390 it took to ride the 14:34. Thats 390 on the Computrainer; my Powertap was in the upper 360's. Should be able to get back to that over the next few months.

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