4x15 Steady State


Todays training called for 2 hours with 4x15 minute steady state efforts. I ended up subbing the 7am spin class and then doing my 2 hours after that. Rode hard in spin but it didn't seem to affect the intervals. For these longer efforts I like to use SR 52 along the Ohio River. Its pretty flat with few traffic lights and a wide shoulder. I use the 8-10 minutes from my house to the corner of Wilmer and Kellogg as the warmup and start the first effort as soon as I turn onto Kellogg (SR 52). The wattage goal is between 319 and 331. The first 10 minutes were at 318 before I hit a light at Coney Island. After about 45 seconds at the light I started the next interval and went 20 minutes at 326 until I hit one of the lights near 10 Mile. After that short stop I did another 10 minutes at 325 into NEw Richmond where I rode easy 6 minutes. The nest 20 minutes to finish the hour were at 321. Cadence for the hour was around 90 and HR was right above and below my threshold HR of 161. Normalized power for the entire ride of 1:45:10 was 287. Overall this was one of my better steady state efforts. I usually find that I'm dropping my cadence into the low 80's as I try to keep the power in the zone but I didn't have that problem today. The first 40 minute effort felt great. I think I could have easily kept that going for another 20 minutes to make it one solid hour. Tomorrow is the first indoor time trial. Power goal for the 10k is about 365-375.

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