Race Results


I've noticed during several of the indoor time trials how much power some riders will put out at the start of the race. I suspect that some have never trained with power so they don;t really know what 300, 400, 500, or 600 watts feels like. Maybe they've read what the pro's can hold or have talked with others in a group ride and heard what they can hold. I think one interesting number in the results is the peak power by each rider. My strategy is to find the wattage zone that I think I can hold (370-390) and keep my average in that zone. From the excitement of the race I may go above that at the start but I try to settle in in the first minute. I've been around riders who are holding close to 500 watts average for that first minute(s). I wonder how much that is taking away from their ability to hold a steady and realistic power over the 6.2 miles. Even spiking the power that much at the end would seem to say that the rider may have left too much on the course. I'm certainly not criticizing any of the riders as they have to do what they feel is best for them but it never hurts to examine ones strategy.

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