December Indoor TT


Today was the second of this winters indoor time trials. Last month I rode a 15:04 for the 6.2 mile Morgul-Bismarck course on the Computrainer. My best is 14:35, ridden last February. Todays ride was 14:45 with an average cadence of 98, average HR of 173 (95% of max and 107% of LT), max HR at 180 (99% of max, 111% of LT). Average power on the Powertap was 358 (4.65 watts/kg) and on 372 (4.83 watts/kg) on the Computrainer. Out of the 10 times I've ridden this event this was my fourth fastest. Hands down, this is the toughest 15 minutes in my training. Its very difficult, and almost impossible, to get this effort solo inside or out. I've come pretty close on a 15 minute climb near our house in Tennessee and certainly during the Cleves time trial. Maybe its just being inside on this one that makes it seem so difficult. Its does help to have music and others riding at the same time. The latter may also be the reason that its possible to push a little harder. All I know is that when i finish this thee is that feeling of being about to pass out and I'll be pretty drained for the next day. All from one 15 minute ride. I'll discuss the results with Coach Julia. We have more of the steady states coming up. Might be worth pushing into the upper end of the zone on those. I'd like to PR on the indoor time trial on one of the two remaining. Ten seconds should be doable.  

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