Comments on 4x10's


After doing these inside yesterday the warm weather today was too nice to pass up so I went to Ault Park. You can see by the graph that I did about 30 laps to get in the 4x10's. Each ten minutes took about 5.5 to 5.75 laps. Compared to yesterdays indoor efforts at 325 or so today I was at 339, 331, 334 and 326. The challenge on that course is to not go too high on the uphill and hold the power going down. It's surprising that in an hour on that course I gained 2000' in climbing. Doesn't seem like each lap has that much gain but it adds up. Certainly easier to do these outside than inside on the training. Be able to work the bike, hop out of the saddle, etc, all helps. Two more days on these later in the week and then its four days off in NYC.

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