Kind Words from Class Attendee


I received this email from a woman who frquently attends my classes. Its important to note that she does the work and has earned these benefits. I just wanted to drop a word here to share something that you can appreciate and perhaps share with others in your instructions and coaching. As you may recall, I had a routine type of out-patience surgery last Friday, (women's issues) and of course it all went well with flying colors. My point here is to share the reactions of the hospital staff regarding my swift recovery. Judging from their reactions and comments, my post-surgery recovery was not your ordinary patient, for example when one of the nurses instructed me to go for the routine walk down the hall, I had already hopped up and was in a good pace before I realized that she had extended her arm to assist me. When she said to rate my pain on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the worst, I said that I honestly was not trying to act tough but that I had to say 0.25 (no meds). She laughed that she had never heard someone use a decimal. My oxygen was 100% the entire time. My BP was the only thing not so awesome, a bit high for me. Be that as it may, as they rolled me out of there, while chatting up a storm with the transport lady, another nurse said that I was their model-patient. I place all credit due to physical fitness and classes like yours that push us to a higher level. I mentioned the CSC and your classes. You talk about recovery in between intervals and such. It appears that my post-op was a fine example of benefits of our workouts, training and sports. You can encourage people with this example if you wish. Should they ever have to have surgery, your classes will help them immediately, yes immediately. This helps boost one's psychology and confidence too. Thanks Pete! As I feel today, I should be ready for this Sunday. M.B.C.

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