Saturday, April 6


Started the day with a 10 mile indoor ride. It was still in the 30's so I didn't want to ride until it warmed up knowing we were headed for the upper 60's. Around 11am I rode the Mt. Lookout to Ripley and back century, the same as last weeks ride. Unlike last week, I didn't have any intervals in todays ride. I had a headwind on the way out and ended up holding 235 watts for the 2:38 it took to do the 50.5 miles. The way back was much faster at 2:23 with power around 214 for a total ride time of 5:02 and average power at 224. The time was actually a few minutes faster than last week under similar conditions but last week had the 2 x 60 minute tempo's. The last 10 miles was inside after dinner while watching NCAA basketball. The first time trial is this week in Dayton on Wednesday. The new bike, The Giant Trinity with Di2 shifting, will be ready. Going for a little less aggressive position than the Kuota especially in the drop from the seat height to the bars. On that bike I have about a 9" drop. It also has a long top tube so I have the seats as far forward as allowed by UCI rules. The Giant has a more forward (steeper) seat tube angle so that will bring me forward. I'll be able to generate more power in a less aggressive drop to the bars without sacrificing mush aero if any. I think I can keep the frontal area (the space between the head and arms) pretty clean and minimal.

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