SouthWest Ohio Senior Olympic TT


Today was the SWOSO held in Mt. Airy Forest.Not a huge turnout but I have to say that the course was tough. It was shaped like a Y. For the one mile we went to the fork and back with a roundabout at the turn. I ran that in about 2:10 or about 27.7 mph. The 5k was run to the center of the Y, then out to the right fork to a roundabout, back to the center fork and then to the left fork with another roundabout at the end and then back to the center of the Y and back to the start, repeating this for two trips. Lots of turns where my speed went from 28 to 18. I did this in 6:48 or 27.35 mph. The 10k was the same but four trips around. I came in at 14:10 or 26.27. Could I learn to take those turns at 25? Maybe but they were very very tight. It was pretty much a one lane road through a city park so there wasn't a lot of room to go wide. Plus, there were other riders at most of the turns. Interesting setup for a time trial. The times were good for gold in all three events.

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