M22 Century


Headed out of Traverse City this morning at 8:30 and took M22 to Northport, about 28 miles away. From there it was south through Leeland (11 miles) and then into Glen Arbor (maybe 18 miles), the most beautiful place in America according to Good Morning America, to the Sleeping Bear Dunes where I took the Pierce Stocking Drive and then onto Empire (another 43 or so in total from Northport). This entire leg was into the wind for about 3 hours other than the climbs through the dunes. From Empire its another 25 or so to complete the 100 back to Traverse City. Nice hot day to ride. Total time riding just under 5:30. Took a break in Northport and Glen Arbor and along M72 with about 8 miles to go.

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