Final Cleves and some comparison


Rode another 22:45. Been stuck on that time for weeks. Here are some year to year comparisons. average speed for all rides that year: 2013 27.33 2012 27.52 2011 27.5 2010 27.6 2009 27.5 2008 27.27 2007 26.4 2006 26.6 (could go back 17 years total but no need) Last time I rode in the 23 minute plus time, 2008, 5th week so early June of that year. This was the first time in four years that I didn't get a time in the 21's Won my bracket so I've medalled every year for 17 years Have to say that the last few week have been rather disappointing only in that I wanted to get a 22:15-30 time but not a big deal. I was mentally worn out on that course while still slamming good times at Dayton. Plus, timing everyone takes away from the mental component needed to really want to ride hard. A power meter next year should be interesting. If I'm slow but still putting out the power, I'm ok with that. I'm not nearly ready to start to see any major decline in my times here or elsewhere. May and June were still two of my best months ever on that course. This was the fewest number of times I've ridden that event since 2006. I missed 6 or 7 and usually on miss 2. Felt good to skip some.

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